Hypnosis Survey

Take Our Hypnosis Quiz and See if You Can Be Hypnotized

1) Can you become so absorbed in a movie or book that you lose track of time?

2) Do you feel you have the ability to create or imagine new things?

3) As you look back in your life can you recall an experience and feel “as if” you are reliving it?

4) In general, are you open to having new experiences?

5) Can you relate to others when they are happy or sad to the point that you feel the same way?

6) When driving down the road have you ever lost track of the road like being on auto pilot and you missed your exit or turn?

7) When others are feeling pain or discomfort do you find yourself beginning to feel that pain or discomfort?

8) Do express your emotions?

9) Is your mind calm and relaxed?

10) I find myself daydreaming at times.

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